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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 13, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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he's a patriot for even attempting one-on-one against shaq. check out the fox news factor website different from spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no bunkum when writing to the factor. thanks for watching, i am bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: republican presidential hopefuls duke it out in florida. >> i think we ought to have a conversation -- >> we are having that right now governor.
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we are running for president. >> sean: presidential candidate newt gingrich is here with the highlights. >> pollster frank luntz gets reaction to the debate from a special focus group of gop voters. >> the government has to get out of our lives. >> sean: all eyes on the new york special election tonight with republicans poised to pull off a major upset. is this a referendum on the obama white house dam dana perino and charles gasparino weigh in. >> more bad news. u.s. poverty rate reaching highest level in years. ohio governor kasich explains what this means for the anointed one. we are on the road to 2012. hannity starts right here, right now. breaking news. the polls have closed. we are waiting the results of a special election in new york's 9th congressional district. this is the race to fill the seat vacated by anthony weiner. republicans are hoping to
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steal the seat in the liberal stronghold of new york city. we'll bring you the results as soon as we have it. the republican presidential contenrs were back on the campaign trail today after a fiery debate last night in florida. the event featured some contentious moments including this showdown between romn and perry. >> the question is, do you still believe that social security should be ended as a federal perhaps, as you did six months ago when your book came out and return to the states? >> i think we ought to have a conversation -- >> we are having that right now governor, we are running for president. >> rather than trying to scare seniors like you're doing and other people, it is time to have a legitimate conversation in this country about how to fix that program where not bankrupt and our children know there's going to be a retirement program there for them. >> term ponzi scheme scared seniors. number two, suggesting that
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social security should no longer be a federal program and return to the states is likewise -- there are a lot of bright people who agree with you. that's your view. i happen to have a different one. >> sean: in response, former speaker of the house newt gingrich delivered perhaps the line of the night. >> i'm not particularly worried about governor perry and governor romney frightening the american people when president obama scares them every single day. [ applause ] >> sean: joining me the man you just saw former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. who may -- who will be joining us at some point. we are awaiting some news on the 9th congressional district anthony weiner's old seat. we invite now dana perino and charles gasparino. she the co-host of the five she deals with bob beckel on my behalf everyday. guys good to see you.
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here's what is amazing. obama won this district with 55% of the vote. al gore got 67% of the vote in 2000. now the fact this guy is even in the race, amazing in that as pick -- aspect, right? >> nice comfortable margin, they don't make seas like those necessarily any more especially after the 2010 midterm elections when president obama lost a historic number of seats and going into 2012. even if this race does not go the republican way, which i think it might, even if it doesn't this has got to let the democrats know they are in for serious tough fighting. >> this is a conservative district we should point you. >> sean: it is not. >> i know people in queens -- >> he's got people. >> if there's a blue area that is going to turn red this is one. other thing is, the candidate, the democratic candidate david
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weprin might be one of the dumbest candidates if elected. he didn't know the -- after the debt ceiling debate he was asked the size of the national debt he thought it was four trillion, not 14 trillion. >> sean: hang on. this is charles schumer's old seat. you can't name the year when it was last red. >> i will say this, if there's an area that can turn red, that's blue -- >> sean: let me put it in other terms. the republican turner is up by six points in the last polls. results coming up. if you look at that poll number and obama's margin of victory we're talking about a 17 point swing in a year. >> look deeper in that poll. independents, the republican was up 30 points which was i thought incredible. a little background for why
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your viewers across the country should care about this tiny election in new york state. the strategy that the national republican congressional committee used. it was the scott brown strategy. flew under the radar for a long time. they didn't bring in big national figures to campaign for him. he campaigned on the merits. you only started hearing about this race in the last week. >> you had ed koch campaigning for turner. >> sean: assemblyman. >> if there's a district where this could happen, it is here. i think the president showing erosion of blue collar -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: the margin gets bigger. the president 55% of the vote now 33% approval rating in this district. that's a 23 point loss for the president. that's serious. let's go to the debate last night. we showed you rick perry, ponzi scheme.
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what did you think of that exchange? >> i think what rom -- romney probably did. i also think it is thin . people are looking for more specifics. they want to know what governor perry would do with social security. because he's late in the race it has tan a while to get his operation up and -- it has taken a while to get his operation up and running a detailed plan is what is needed to come from him next. >> sean: romney said six months ago you didn't want this program. karl rove has made this argument, dick morris has made this argument. that would be used as a sledge hammer in a general election. you agree with that? >> i don't know. social security is a ponzi scheme. >> sean: it is >> it is not illegal e telecommunication cali a ponzi scheme -- technically, a ponzi scheme has to be an illegal scheme many you are paying as
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you go. it is not like the money is invested. >> sean: they stole the money. >> it is an irrational system. if you are ever going to come out and say this is a ponzi scheme now is the time because people are starting to understand the issue. >> democrats have little to run on. scaring seniors is their specialty. both parties have done it back and forth. dick morris and karl rove has said this will be used in the general election campaign. what matters is whoever the nominee is, to be able to say here's my specific plan on how we are going to solve this problem. >> sean: what about other issues, immigration, hpv vaccine that came up in the race. people to know more about governor perry. for example, the exchange with michelle bachmann. >> the vaccine thing scares me a little. mandating that sounds like -- sounds a little totalitarian,
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doesn't it? >> sean: he apologized. i don't think there was a candidate on stage who doesn't regret something they said or some policy they supported over the years. i'm not making excuses, i totally disagree with that. >> i think people would listen and think there are some voters who would decide based on that decision they would decide to go for a romney, i'm not sure. it is also kind of irrelevant outsidof this primary debate. i also don't think governor perry had any ill intentions. he doesn't want to hurt anybody. i think he did it with the best of intentions. >> i think this election is going to be on economics and finances and jobs and numbers. when you -- whether a i go with romney or not he handled that social security question much better. >> sean: thanks guys. when we come back we will have the former speaker of the house newt gingrich.
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>> also frank luntz is here. we have a focus group. he will tell us who he thinks the winners and losers were last night. >> we are monitoring the election that is going on in new york's 9th district. we'll have results as they become available. >> is the president's floundering economy about to cost his party congressional seats? we'll continue to monitor that election. by the way, we have a poll tonight. you can text us: on the big question of the president's jobs bill. the answers we'll reveal the end of the show, straight ahead. ♪
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. >> sean: tonight we are monitoring breaking developments out of new york as the polls have now closed. we are waiting a winner to be declared in the race between republican bob turner and democratic david weprin. this seat vacated by and any weiner. let me bring in the man who helped bring down the house in last night's debate former speaker of the house presidential candidate, newt gingrich. sir, are you how? >> i'm great, good to be with you. i'm talking to you from the lowery park zoo in tampa, which is a great place.
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>> sean: nice the last time i got nothing but a black screen. glad we were able to pull you up. >> i know. >> sean: first, the white house is trying to spin this. a district that obama -- if in fact bob turner -- i think the odds are still against him. if the republican pulls that weiner seat how big a referendum would that be on obama? >> i think it would be comparable to scott brown winning in massachusetts. first of all the embarrassment of losing chuck schumer's seat. second it is a new york seat that you would thought was literally impossible to lose. but, it is a long way. the key question for the president is, is he willing to learn anything about what is going on in the economy or is he just determined to stick with class warfare and bureaucratic socialism in a style that is really aggressively unwilling to negotiate? when you say, pass what i you.
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when it is obvious to anybody, there's not a democrat on capitol hill who believes the republican house is going to pass what obama sent up without any kind of change. i can't figure out, what is he trying to accomplish? what does he think all of this parading around, pretending is going to do for him? i see this vote in this election is one more step towards what i think could become a true disaster for the democrats by next november. >> sean: the last three debates, i've noticed a trend. you seem to be taking on the role, wait a minute, we are united here. we all agree obamacare should be repealed. we all agree as a party the economy is in the wrong direction. we all agree on a stronger national defense. i notice you are not too happy with the media trying to get the candidates to fight. you seem to be sort of conciliatory, bringing
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everybody together. is that by design? >> yeah, i was very struck with a terrific book on lincoln called "team of rivals." lincoln understood to change the country he had to bring together all of the people who had been come meeting for power in the republican party. i think we are in a similar place. i think to truly change washington as much as we need to, we are going to feed everybody, each in their own you meek way, doing something they are -- in a unique way, doing something they are good at. i'm asking voters to be with me. if you are for me, you are going to vote and go home and say i hope he fixes it that is not going to work this time. first, i like the people who we are competing with. as i liked tim pawlenty who i have known for years. they are good people. every single one would be a better president than president obama is. so, i'm very content to say,
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let's talk about our differences and we are going to have some. let's do it in a tway that is positive. let's remember we all want to be on the same team. frankly, i don't mind the news media asking tough questions, they should. but i don't like when they try to play games and pit us against each other in a way that think is childish. all of our campaigns will figure out way to critique each other. >> sean: i don't think they asked tough questions of barack obama there were plenty of unanswered questions i thought in that 2008 election not that i want to bring that up again. i was talking to you the other day, we've been following the fast and furious scandal. i don't think the president is going to change on the economy. so i guess what is interesting is there's another side of the obama story that doesn't get talked blood pressure. the beauracracy, the regulation. there's issues -- issues involving corruption, competence fast and furious.
6:19 pm
you got angered over the gibson guitar issue and 24 agents raiding gibson guitar over the issue whether or not they were using the wrong kind of wood and whether it was imported properly. >> this is a good case study in just how totally out of touch with reality obama's appointees are. gibson guitar a very old company back to the 18 90s. two years ago they were raided by the u.s. government which seized six guitars. think about in, if you were making a movie. federal agents arrive, swoop in seize six guitars made out of madagascar wood. the government of madagascar says is fine the obama administration says it is not fine. a couple weeks ago 26 armed federal agents entered the properties in tennessee, closed them down, sent the workers home over indian wood.
6:20 pm
this is a fascinating case. not that the indian wood is endangered the justice department says the indian wood has to be manufactured in india, even though the indian government does not agree. if they brought it into u.s. to be manufactured by american workers creating american jobs that is illegal. not only illegal, they sent in armed agents. think about this, in the real world, outside of obama fantasyland. if you had 26 spare federal agents, you could oust use them to control the border, to go after terrorists, to go after cocaine dealers. or you could use them to go after indian wood. only in the obama administration would you check d in order to get a job. i'm hoping the congress will investigate. get the decision documents in the open and force the firing of every single person involved in the decision-chain. because it is fundamentally against the american tradition to have this going on in america. this is crazy. >> sean: i had the ceo of
6:21 pm
gibson on last night. they followed the law. they showed them the documents and it still didn't stop them. it is unbelievable. >> that's what is crazy. in both countries they went to the american embassy, got the american embassy to sign off. they've followed every procedure. they are a company which has participated in saving the rain forest. i don't know if it is because the ceo gave money to the republicans or what the deal is. but it is something worth investigating. >> sean: mr. speaker appreciate your time. we'll see you next week at the debate this orlando. >> more reaction to last night's debate with frank luntz and his focus group of gop voters. >> the discouraging new data that disproves the anointed one's argument on the state of the economy. we check in with governor kasich. and we continue to wait for information on the new york 9th district and the race between the republican and
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democrat to take over anthony weiner's old seat. p nationwide insurance, what's up ?
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something we've never done before. we are going to take a forensic look at this debate. break it down moment by moment all the way through. the first real exchange between rick perry and mitt romney came on the issue of social security. which is obviously an important issue. before we get to your reactions verbally, let's look at how they dialed the back and forth between the two. >> the real question is, does governor perry continue to believe that social security should not be a federal program. that it is unconstitutional and it should be returned to the states or is he going to retreat from that view? >> you have 30 seconds. >> if what you are trying to say this 30s and 40s that the federal government made all the right decisions, i disagree. it is time for us to get back to the contusion. and a program that has been there 70, 80 years obviously we are not going to take that program away. but for people to stand up and
6:27 pm
support what they did this 30s or what they are doing this 2010 is appropriate for america. >> do you still believe social security should be ended as a federal program as you did six months ago when your book came out? >> i think we ought to have a conversation -- >> we are having that right now governor. we are running for president. >> big issue. big confrontation. who won it? who says romney? who says perry? unanimous. why was perry so strong? >> i think perry always comes across as really believing what he says. >> romney? >> romney is more of a waffler on issues. >> waffles what is it? >> he comes across perry does more genuine than romney. i was a states issue in terms of privatizing it to the states versus keeping it on the federal level which romney talking to a democratic audience in terms of the day
6:28 pm
-- >> for you it was policy for you it is style. >> i thought perry took the opportunity to further explain his stand on social security. the more that romney tried to catch perry on it, perry was able to clarify more. >> i think romney is trying to be too political correct. he wants to please everyone. perry is not afraid of saying this is what i think. this is what i'm going to do. romney standing there with a smile and looks a little plastic. >> what advice do you have for romney? >> be less of a politician and little more straightforward. >> you agree? >> yes. >> i want to do one other examine change the issue of jobs. -- exchange, the issue of jobs. let's look at one of the strongest responses and then we'll talk about i. >> i want to point out, the american people -- people create jobs, not government. [ applause ] >> what do you think of the speaker's comment? you dialed it so well.
6:29 pm
>> i agree with him completely. i think that that's what makes this country so great, the fact that it is who we are, what we are, how we contribute. the government has got to get out of our lives and give us the opportunity to do what we do best. >> why do you think more people think democrats are going to create jobs than the republicans? >> under this president, the size of government has grown exponentially. we need private sector growth. >> is this a lesson for the debates that follow? that you want that short, punchy kind of in your face response? what are you looking for from these candidates? >> i do believe that it should be short and concise. it also has to be true and said with passion. >> i would assume they are being true. are they being passionate? >> passionate, yes. but no, they have to be honest. you could tell from -- when
6:30 pm
answering the question they are not honest. they are nervous. >> who is not honest? >> romney. his hands moving around, stuttering, eyes opening and closing quickly. >> there was one response tonight that shocked me for how poorly it was received. let's look at the dial results then i'm going to ask why. >> if you are working towards your college degree, and if you are working and pursuing citizenship in the state of texas, you pay in state tuition there. it doesn't make any difference what the sound of your last name is, that is the american way. no matter how you got into that state, from the standpoint if your parents brought you there or whatever. that's what we've done in texas. i'm proud we are having those individuals be contributing members of our society rather than telling them you be on the government dole.
6:31 pm
>> how many of you had a negative reaction to rick perry's comments on immigration, raise your hands? almost all. how many were supporting him when you walked in but don't like his position on immigration? >> he seems to be soft on illegal immigration especially interstate tuition. students from other states will compensate. >> it matters to you so much would you switch your support? >> i think i will. >> i wouldn't switch my support. i felt he tried to rationalize helping people. 35,000 murders, he has to secure that border. >> has he succeeded up to this point? >> no, because he doesn't help from the feds one state can't do it alone. >> illegal aliens. they are illegal immigrants. >> it change your position on your support for perry? >> yes. >> this is a big issue, this
6:32 pm
is major finding. >> i feel he was staying realistic, because they are here, there isn't a solution he's giving them an opportunity to try and at least offer something while they are here. he's making lemonade out of lemons. >> you support his position? >> i support that thinking. >> fascinating debate and fascinating reaction from our voters here in new york. back to you. >> sean: coming up, special elections in new york and nevada send voters to the polls. are they passing judgment on anointed one and his failed policies? as the president reassures the american people about the economy the poverty rate soars to the highest level since 1993. we check in with ohio governor kasich, straight ahead. nobody knows where he got his love for racing. all we know is, it started early.
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. >> sean: according to a new report today by the u census bureau 46.2 million americans live in poverty. more nan 15% of the country.
6:37 pm
highest in almost 20 years. while this data proves otherwise the administration continues to insist the economy is growing. president the economy now is starting to stabilize and grow again. the economy is now growing again. the economy was predicted to be growing at 3.5%. we had reversed the recession. avoided a depression. got the economy moving again. the truth of the matter is, the agricultural sector in america, the cornerstone of stays like iowa, is doing very well. -- of states like iowa is doing very well. >> sean: joining me the governor of ohio john kasich. good to see you. i'm still getting used to calling you governor. >> i know. >> sean: an amazing thing happened in your state. you inherited an eight billion dollar budget deficit. you pushed hard to get your budget in balance. you got it passed.
6:38 pm
got a lot of people protesting. you just were upgraded -- >> not so much the budget. s&p is my favorite rating agency. >> sean: they just upgraded you. >> we had an eight billion dollar hole. the way you fix things you look problems square in the eye and figure out how to design a better program at a lower price. reforming, letting mom and dad stay in their home rather than a nursing hope. a fifth of the cost. not locking people up in our state prison in for less than a year with murders and rapists in a less expensive community facility. there are so many reforms that we drove through. when he eliminated our deficit and kill the death tax. and we kept the income tax cut we got in january and we have an incentive for small business. standard & poor's said -- >> sean: an upgrade. the united states losts its aaa rating for the first time in its history. since you have been9!ú governor 45,000 jobs have come to your
6:39 pm
state. >> s&p has labeled us stable they are rewarding us for what we are doing. we privatized our economic development operations so we can have the smartest people dealing with ceos. i'm on the phone all the time with ceos. we are creating an environment in a state that has lost more jobs in the last 10 years than any state scepter california and michigan. we are working to -- create an environment where we are open for business, where recollections make sense. where our taxes are low where we begin to train people for jobs that exist. >> sean: you are not going to raid gibson guitar in your state? >> i was an used by people in kentucky of wanting to steal their jobs. guess what? they are right. i'm going everywhere i can in america to make ohio work better. >> sean: these numbers are frightening. 46.2 million americans in poverty. >> unbelievable. one out of every children in poverty in my state. >> sean: child poverty rose to 22% in country.
6:40 pm
22% of kids live in poverty. you go through these numbers. african-american unemployment, teenage unemployment nearly 50%. what has barack obama done? >> take dodd-frank this bill on bank regulation. 5,000 new regulations coming out. talking about raising taxes, busting the budget. what businesses do, remember i was in business for 10 years. they say we don't understand the regulations that are coming. we don' understand where the taxes are going to be. we are going to sit on the sidelines. i have a program that might help to bring the dollars from u.s. companies these giant profits some say as much as a trillion dollars. let them come back to america. instead of investing in europe. i think if they bring them back companies ought to put them into workforce training or research and development. republicans could go there. i think this is one thing on a bipartisan basis that could
6:41 pm
help us. kids are in poverty. families are unemployed. we have to start getting things together. we have to reach a little common ground. >> sean: the president doubled down. axelrod said this morning, no way there's any room for negotiation. he created another stimulus, 450 billion in infrastructure spending. he's going to raise taxes to pay for all of. >> i you can raise taxes. >> sean: that's what he is doing. >> payroll tax cut which was a conservative idea. >> sean: axelrod said it is off the table. >> maybe he's not include in. i think you pass that. and you do the repatriation. bring that cash back. ling it to -- link it to something positive for business. maybe they will sign it. move it, that's what i would do. >> sean: i think the republicans should move on all these things. eric cantor, they passed 12 jobs bill, they passed a bill where they could drill.
6:42 pm
they passed cut, cap and balance. they passed the ryan plan. dead on arrival the senate won't take up 11 of the 12. >> if you look at the payroll tax cut and look at something like bringing this cash back it is something that everybody can agree upon. we must have a spark in america to get this -- [ talking over each other ] >> the tax increases are off the table. >> sean: that's what proposing. >> i think there are some things they can agree on jointly, i do believe it. it is not going to be another tax increase. another stimulus package. i don't believe that is going to happen. there are some things, like that payroll tax cut and some other things that -- >> sean: obama had it twice and it still didn't increase jobs. >> if i told you the answer is tax increases you would laugh at me. if we tell him the answer is tax cuts, they would laugh at us. they have a find world view. let's find those things we can
6:43 pm
all agree upon so we can get these kids out of poverty and get -- and get kids back to work. >> sean: you think these capable of negotiating and compromise, i don't believe he is. tell me where i'm wrong. >> in 1995 went through a government shutdown in '97 i was the chief architect with my pals and we balanced a budget against a president who said no way, no how. clinton was that way until we kept sending at least he signed it. i'm always an optimist, keep doing the right thing and maybe something good happens. do i throw that? >> sean: yeah. congratulations by the way in that upgrade. >> he can catch, i've seen that guy. thanks to the venture card from capital one,
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>> sean: we have to change
6:48 pm
that statue of you. >> wrong guy, yeah. >> sean: the polls are closed in new york. i can't wait. i wanna get the winner. i want to know who won this thing. race is called to fill the seat held by weiner we'll bring that news to you. news could break any moment. stay with us as we bring in our panel. editor of daily caller tucker carlson is back. the legendary former football coach for florida stay, how many years were you coach? >> i coached totally for 57 years. >> sean: unbelievable. >> florida state 34. >> sean: bobby bowden is with us. she a fox news contributor, judith miller. here's the issues, you got a 75% democratic district. polls show it may go republican tonight. i still think the odds are against it. seems to be about obama, his positions on israel and a
6:49 pm
democrat that supports the ground zero mosque, right? >> took the words out of my mouth. if the republican wins you can bet the white house is going to try and make less of it than it might be. and the republicans will try and make more of it. >> sean: the white house was preparing for this today. this was i think in the national journal. they were preparing for this loss i am and they are trying to come up with a spin explanation. they won't blame this entirely on obama. they get away with that? >> i don't think so. weprin will say he's a bad candidate. he fits the district, he grew up in the district. there's no reason he shouldn't win this seat many obama won this district by 11 points in '08. obama is the factor no spinning this. >> it has never been a republican district. >> no. >> sean: coach, i don't want to drag you too deep in politics. you follow the political world. when you look generally at the
6:50 pm
state of america. poverty at an all-time high. you spent your whole career inspiring kids. how do you inspire the country to know that better days are ahead? >> i still like the old values. i'm a conservative. and i'm a republican. alabama of all places. >> sean: at sfu there's a statue of you and you have lost weight since. you kept from the public you had prostate cancer because you didn't want competitive coaches saying bowden is going to die? >> that's right. i had cancer in 2007, they found prostate cancer i am and i sneaked into a clinic and had it treated and it saved me. and people say why didn't you tell everybody? you can't if you are coaching man.
6:51 pm
your lifeline is recruiting. if kids think i got cancer, you think they are coming to florida state? they ain't going there. he'll be dead in two years. >> sean: cureable, you got to get it early. >> that is the big message they are trying to get out. guys won't talk about their health. >> sean: i don't want to tell anybody about my prostate. we'll do a poll, anyone want to hear about my prostate or tucker's? no. >> i bet mine is smaller than yours. >> sean: i bet it is. >> i'm not going to get into that. >> sean: we have more to get to guy goes to white castle, he can't fit in the booth. i love white castle. he weighs 290 pounds, so he's suing white castle many coach you have to watch my throw. >> i've seen that throw. >> sean: here's my good one. , d,
6:52 pm
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>> sean: time to reveal results of our text vote. we asked what you thought about president obama's jobs bill. 2% said it is a smart solution. 93% said it was a terrible idea. 5% think it is a good star. we continue with our panel. i love white castle.
6:56 pm
ever been coach? >> yep. >> sean: little hamburgers, lots of onions, extra cheese, pickles, that's how i like it. 290 pound guy, big guy might be able to play football for you. heaid he's upset and he's going to sue, because they broke promises to make the booth bigger so he could eat. so he couldn't sit there and he banged one of his knees now he's going to sue white castle. >> i have two solutions. one is to lose weight. the other is take-out. this is ridiculous. >> you can't do that it is a post party thin. come back from the party, you stop at white castle. >> sean: when is the last time i've been to a party? i've never been to a white house correspondent dinner. >> i live in washington.
6:57 pm
>> sean: i'm proud of that fact. i really would like to go but i really gotta work. coach? >> i would recommend he go somewhere else. >> sean: exactly. he read the 155 page jobs bill in the jobs bill people that unemployed that apply for jobs if they don't get the job and they feel they've been discriminated against there is a class where they could sue the employer they've interviewed with because they were discriminated against because they were unemployed. if i'm an employer and they implement that, i'm not going to interview anybody. >> new category to the civil rights act with race, ethnicity. >> sean: you can sue if you are unemployed and don't get the job and think you weren't hired because you are unemployed. >> trial lawyers. >> we've gone entitlement crazy. >> sean: we have.
6:58 pm
>> you owe me this, you owe me that. >> sean: if you ran a business and somebody come in that might sue you if you don't give them the job, would you interview them? >> that's a problem for the goal he's trying to achieve. how did they sneak that in? you read the entire bill last night? >> sean: no louie did. >> 305 million americans, you found the one guy. >> sean: he's the guy. another issue paul krugman accused president george w. bush and rudy giuliani of profiting off of 9/11. does it get any more despicable from the left on party of tea party members that are racist that want blacks hanging from trees that should go straight to hell, we are at war with them, they are sob's. >> he's a brilliant economist
6:59 pm
and very influential. but i have a different impression of the people that we were honoring yesterday. i was privileged enough to be on sunday to be standing there with the families of these people who raced into buildings to save people they didn't know. >> sean: why? >> it is very sad. >> paul krugman wrote a column accusing george w. bush of causing anti-semitism in malaysia. i asked him, i said this is kind of der rained. -- der raged. >> he said no, it is true. i think he's crazed on the question. >> sean: something happened in the left in this country where they are pretty much unhinged. and the media allows this. the media doesn't call them out as they would a conservative host that said the same thing. coach, discrimination, double standard? >> the media is a little leftist too aren't they? >> sean: a little. >> i didn't know


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